A tool built from the ground-up for “Post-Hummingbird” Semantic Search

Today’s SEO Tools just aren’t built for the “New SEO” World.There’s a new solution you can try out: We’re building MobileHorizons specifically for the world of “New SEO”. Where you used to think Keywords, MobileHorizons uses Explicit Queries.Where you used to think “website”, MobileHorizons


tracks your clients’ Entities (business, branches etc).Instead of “search engine”, think “App” eg Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp etc.

Combining Entity tracking for Explicit Queries, with a range of Implicit Queries such as Device Type, Device Model, Device OS, App and Pinpoint location for Mobile users on the move, MobileHorizons enables you to model your SEO Campaigns for the new world of Semantic Search.

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